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Real Detroit

Detroit's stories through your words and pictures

Detroit's stories through your words and pictures
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Welcome to the real_detroit LJ community.

This is a community for those who enjoy the city of Detroit.
You are free to post anything you like as long as it is related to Detroit. (Ex: pictures, stories, links, concerts, events, articles, questions/concerns, etc...)




Please put all e-flyers behind a LJ cut. (e-flyers = any picture containing an advertisement)

Please put long posts and large pictures behind a LJ cut.

NO posts advertising for other LJ communities unless it is Detroit community.

NO posting about wanting to meet people, wanting to make friends, wanting to make LJ friends or to get people to join your band. There are LJ communities specifically for these reasons and real_detroit is not one of them.

If a Mod feels your post unrelated to the community or in violation any of the rules, your post will be removed or rejected and you may be warned/removed from the community or banned.

Other Detroit related communities;

Detroit Blog Community

Please contact me if you are interested in having a link to your community posted.
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