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went to the Le Nain Rouge event in Detroit, screw Technofest, I have no $135 for that! dang! What is goin on Detroit?

Simply Cooking Catering Service

A small catering service that specializes in good home-cooked food that puts a smile on your guests faces and great food in their bellies. Unlike typical catering companies who force you to choose a packaged menu, we offer personalized menus just for your specific event. We have an extensive menu to choose from, and if it isn't on our menu, we will make it special just for you. There is no delivery fee, cook-on-site fee, or minimum amounts of guests. We even cater Date Night for your sweetie and you. We are able to offer better prices because, unlike bigger catering companies, we do not have the big overhead. You only pay for the food, and my time: no more, no less. For ca personalized menu and a quote call 313-626-3423 and ask for Anna, or email anabella20061@hotmail.com. Great food with great service at a great price is just a Simple call away.
Anyone looking for a volunteer opportunity or available to be a pet foster let me know. Many local animal rescues in the area are in need of dog foster's and supplies.
anybody interested in helping out a local animal rescue? come on out to this fundraiser.
If you are a shopper on eBay check out the items being sold on eBay that the All About Animal Rescue in Warren MI get's a donation from.



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